Algernon Yau was appointed CEO of Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) in January 2021 to lead an experienced team in setting up the airline. He is also a Board Director of the airline.

Prior to joining GBA he was CEO of Cathay Dragon from 2015 to 2017, having also been appointed as Executive Director of the Cathay Pacific Board in the same year.

In addition to managing Cathay Dragon, Algernon was appointed Director Service Delivery of Cathay Pacific in June 2017, responsible for all operational aspects including airport operations in Hong Kong and worldwide, inflight service delivery, cargo service delivery, the global contact centre and the customer relations function.

Algernon joined Cathay Pacific in 1982. He has a proven track record of leadership and extensive experience in commercial aviation through holding numerous senior positions within the group. He was the Chairman and Director of Cathay Pacific Group subsidiaries, including Cathay Pacific Services Limited, Hong Kong Airport Ground Services Limited, Cathay Pacific Catering Services (Hong Kong) Limited, Vogue Laundry Services Limited, and Shanghai International Airport Ground Service Limited.

Algernon Yau Ying Wah
Chief Executive Officer
Public Services & Professional Qualifications:
Member, Tripartite Workforce on Manpower (Aviation training) of Transport and Housing Bureau, HKSAR
Founding Member, “Business for Social Good” (BSG) from Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF)
Home Carrier Representative of Executive Committee, The Board of Airlines Representatives (2014 - 2020)
Election Committee of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 2017
Users Committee Member, Hong Kong Immigration Department of HKSAR (2010 – 2015)
Committee Member of Xian City, China People's Political Consultative Conference
Executive Vice President, Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification of China Ltd
Committee Member, China Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.
Executive Director, Hong Kong Xian Trade Association Limited (2016-2019)
Honorary President, The Hong Kong Land Transport Council
Honorary Advisor, Hong Kong Shipping Industry National Preparatory Committee (2017)
Chairman, Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence (2017-2020)
Advisory Board Member, Asian Institute of Supply Chains and Logistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong