Top 10 Souvenirs to Get in Seoul

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The bagel chips from Olive Young are very popular. As the chips are baked, they are low in calories and yet very delicious. There are five flavors to choose from, including creamy corn soup, garlic butter, creamy soup, honey butter, and chocolate cinnamon. They come in a gift set that is perfect as a souvenir from Korea.

Shop: Olive Young Store

Seaweed is largely produced in Korea and exported worldwide, making Korean seaweed a very popular option for souvenirs. This Korean snack layers honey almond slices on thin and crunchy seaweed crisps. The crispy texture takes the seaweed-eating experience to the next level. It simply is impossible to stop munching. It is easy to find the seaweed crisps with almond at any convenience store and supermarket. It is suitable for your family members or colleagues.

Shop: Convenience stores, supermarkets

Sweet rice drink is a fermented drink made of rice and malt. It is usually consumed after meals as it helps with digestion and reduces bloating. The individually packaged instant drink is also infused with ginger essence, thereby it is sweet and healthy and can be made into cold and hot drinks.

Shop: Convenience stores, supermarkets

This snack is a cross-over between Korean Convenience Store CU and the Korean milk brand Yonsei Milk, and is very much talked about. The cream bun contains cheddar cheese cream and sliced cheese. It is soft and creamy with a sweet and savory taste.

Shop: CU convenience stores

In Korea, it is very easy to find dried fish and dried food. Amongst all, the Grandpa Food Shop (Tokyo Food Shop) in Namdaemun is highly recommended. All the dried products sold are free of artificial coloring, artificial flavors, and preservatives. There are a variety of dried fish and fruits to choose from.

Shop: Grandpa Food Shop (Tokyo Food Shop) in Namdaemun

Corn silk tea is a traditional nutritious tea that Koreans of all ages often consume. Corn silk tea has no calories. It is mainly diuretic and therefore could help with bloating. The light corn aroma is relaxing. It is a perfect souvenir for the elderly.

Shop: Convenience stores, supermarkets

A snack often featured in Korean dramas, where actors celebrate birthdays by stacking the choco pies on a box and putting candles on them. It is one of the favorite snacks of the locals. Surely you cannot miss it when in Seoul.

Shop: Convenience stores, supermarkets

Made from soba noodles and starches, the history of cold noodles dates back to the old days of North Korea. As the dish is brought to South Korea, it has evolved into a summer dish to combat the heat. Cold noodles are easy to make. You may find it at the supermarket to prepare a heartful meal for your family.

Shop: Supermarkets

Although Korean food culture is everywhere, and Korean kimchi is sold in supermarkets around the world, they are incomparable to the local kimchi you could find in Korea! We recommend spending some time in a supermarket or large market, where you taste the kimchi along the way like a local. In that way, you could find your favorite before you bring them back to home.

Shop: Supermarkets

Because of its unique climate, Korea cultivates Korean Ginseng very well, thereby making it the major exporter of Korean Ginseng worldwide. Gyeongdong Market, the market located between Dongdaemun District and Cheongnyangni, is the largest traditional medicine market in Korea. You may find many stores in the market to buy Korean Ginseng from.

Shop: Close to Exit 2 of Jegi-dong station (Line 1) of Seoul Subway