Top 10 Check-in Spots in Seoul

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As K-pop culture sweeps across the globe, the K-Star Road in Gangnam is a must-see place when coming to Seoul. K-Star Road is a popular place for visitors, especially those interested in K-pop culture and the Korean entertainment industry. Located in Gangnam, this road is a popular spot for many Korean celebrities. You may find the headquarters of a variety of entertainment companies, record companies, and celebrity agencies. Companies like SM, JYP, CBE and so on are located here, making it a pilgrimage for K-pop fans for a long time.

There is also a walking trail called “K-Star Road” which extends 1 km from The Galleria of Apgujeong-dong to CUBE Entertainment. Along the way, mini-figures of idols such as SNSD, EXO, Dong Bang Shin Gi, and more are arranged. If you follow “K Bird’s spikes” on the streetlights and along the little footprints made by “K Bird” on the zebra lines, you will find yourself with a lot of tasty restaurants and trendy shops often visited by K-pop artists.

Also located in the Gangnam District, Sinsadong Garosu-gi Road is right there after you exit from Sinsa station, Seoul Metro Line 3. The 700-meter-long road is covered with ginkgo trees. Renowned as “Champs-Elysées of Seoul”, Sinsadong Garosu-gi Road is a haven for shoppers and fashion enthusiasts alike, with its many high-end fashion brands, boutiques, and art galleries. Here you may find a number of internationally renowned fashion brands, as well as some independent designer stores.

With its neat ginkgo trees along the street, you may enjoy the beautiful architecture and lush green surroundings of this street, in addition to the luxurious shopping experiences. In the autumn, two rows of golden ginkgo trees enclose the visitors with warmth. It is best for shopping, eating, and shooting photographs. Whether it’s a taste of style or a leisurely stroll, Sinsadong Garosu-gi Road is somewhere you must not miss.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of Seoul’s most famous palaces and one of Korea’s most important historical sites. Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest and most beautifully designed architectural palace in Joseon the last dynastic kingdom of Korea. It is very representative. The stunning palace and beautiful courtyard make it a great place to learn about traditional Korean palaces. At Gyeongbokgung Palace, you may visit palace gates, halls, and buildings, such as Yeongeunmun Gate the entrance gate to welcome diplomats from China, Gukjagam the Imperial Academy, and Seonjeongjeon the Hall for political discussion.

So many Korean dramas were filmed here, such as “Kingdom”, “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, “Legends of the Blue Sea”, etc. Of course, you would want to change into Hanbok the Korean costume and turn the clock back to the glorious Joseon dynasty when in here.

What is more photogenic than Ewha Womans University, one of Korea’s oldest and most prestigious women’s universities and also a fascinating tourist attraction? Ewha Womans University is located in the heart of Seoul’s Mapo district, with its beautiful campus and rich history. Established in 1906, it is Korea’s first female university known for developing outstanding women leaders. In addition, many well-known Korean actresses graduated from here. With its elegant architecture and serene lakes, the campus offers a getaway from the busy city.

Amongst the university’s beautiful campuses and architecture, the most iconic of all is the Grand Hall at the entrance to the school door, the carved mural wall, and the imposing Ewha Campus Complex. They are popular check-in spots for photo taking. The shopping street in front of the university is also famous, filled with fashion boutiques and food that many of the university students love.

Formerly the office and official residence of the president of Korea, Cheong Wa Dae was the presidential residence of the country from 1948 to 2022, a place with significant historical and political significance. In 2022, Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol announced the move of the Presidential Office to the Ministry of Defense building in the Yongsan District. Since then, Cheong Wa Dae has become a new sightseeing spot in Seoul.

Located in the Jongno District of Seoul, the building is a national cultural property. Visitors can visit parts of the Cheong Wa Dae area, including the former Presidential Office and the Boardroom. You may learn about Korea’s political system, history, and important events here. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and landscapes, Cheong Wa Dae offers visitors the opportunity to stroll around and relax. Visits to Cheong Wa Dae are free of charge. However, reservations must be made online in advance. It is closed every Tuesday.

Bukchon Hanok Village is one of the best preserved traditional Korean residential complexes in Seoul, located on the slopes of the city center. The area preserves Hanok of traditional Korean architecture, where visitors can experience the old Korean lifestyle. The streets of Bukchon Hanok Village are narrow and curved, with traditional Hanok on either side and roofs covered with traditional Korean tiles. Stroll along the cobbled road to admire the ancient architecture and traditional courtyards.

As a sightseeing activity that never gets old, visitors may enjoy hunting for the “8 best picturesque angles of Bukchon” and also the drama scenes featured in Korean dramas. Walk through the village, where lanes are staggered and layered, and the historic architecture of the Korean residential houses brings a rich cultural touch, you may find it impossible to stop taking pictures of the charming Korean Hanok. The “8 best picturesque angles of Bukchon” are listed by the Korea Tourism Bureau and are scattered in the large village complex. It takes about two hours to go through all of them.

Samcheong-dong is an artful and traditional district located in the Jongno District of Seoul City. Named after the nearby three mountain peaks, Samcheong-dong is known for its ancient Korean Hanuk and cultural heritage. The area is home to many art galleries, studios and cultural centers showcasing works by contemporary artists, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. In addition, the streets of Samcheong-dong have a number of unique shops and cafés offering a wide range of handicrafts, souvenirs, and local specialties.

With the booming hit of the K-drama “The Guardian: The Lonely and Glamorous God”, Samcheong-dong (where the drama was filmed) has again become highly popular. Adjacent to the Samcheong-dong is Bukchon Hanok Village, which also retains many Korean-style residential houses. Coupled with the fact that many Korean dramas were filmed here, the area’s art exhibitions, art galleries, and cafes in alleyways, make it a culturally rich place to visit. It is definitely another great place for locals and visitors alike.

COEX Mall (Seoul Trade Center) is Asia’s largest underground shopping mall. It is located within COEX in the Gangnam District of Seoul. With over 300 shops and restaurants, this modern mall offers an array of international brands, fashion trends, and local specialties. Whether you are looking for fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry, or homeware, there is something for everyone.

The large complex is famous for its must-see “Starfield Library” and “COEX Aquarium” where K-dramas were filmed. It is a great place for couples to go to for dates. As the largest aquarium in Korea, it’s the perfect place for family trips and couples’ dates. “Legend of the Blue Sea” starring Korean Star Jun Ji-hyun also took scenes in here.

Seoul Central High School is Seoul’s famous high school. It is located in a residence area between Changdeokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village. Founded in 1906, the school is one of Korea’s oldest high schools. The school is known for its excellent quality of education and outstanding academic achievements.

This private school has been built for over a century. The architectural style is rich in history and cultural vibes. The campus is filled with ancient buildings and old trees, creating a peaceful and beautiful environment. Since the 2002 K-drama “Winter Sonata” was filmed in the school, it has become an important tourist attraction for drama enthusiasts. In 2017, the highly popular K-drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Glamourous God” was also filmed in the school as the main character’s school life. The high school is closed on weekdays. Admission is complimentary on weekends only.

A theme park located in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi Province near Seoul, Petite France was created around the story of “Little Prince”. The architecture and facilities of Petite France are imbued with the romantic atmosphere of France. You may admire antique buildings, colorful houses, and landscaped gardens here. There are plenty of small streets and squares to explore and relax. Visitors can also learn about French culture, arts, and history by visiting the theme park’s museums and exhibitions in the village.

The colorful French architecture on the hills mimics the idyllic villages of the foothills of the Alps. They are rich in exotic flair and romantic especially after being lit up after night falls. It is a popular spot for shooting of K-dramas. You may have already caught a glimpse of the beautiful place from “My Love from Another Star”. Petite France also offers a great opportunity for those who love photography.