A World Class Experience | Boeing 737-9

The new Boeing 737-9 aircraft will increase the comfort of our passengers as well as promote sustainability. The Boeing 737-9 has undergone a thorough recertification process, including updates to its design, software, and pilot training requirements and all aircraft are independently certified by the aviation safety regulators around the world. The expected delivery date for Greater Bay Airlines is between 2024 to 2027.

Energy-efficient LED lighting is used throughout the cabin, reducing energy consumption while creating a relaxing environment for passengers

Larger overhead storage bins are provided for holding more carry-on bags, further enhancing the passenger experience

Inflight connectivity will be provided to allow passengers to stay connected anytime

Larger windows are used and are optimally positioned on the fuselage to give passengers better view of the horizon

Powerful and aerodynamic-designed engines will improve environmental performance by reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions 

Greater Bay Airlines has worked tirelessly with Boeing to ensure the aircraft meets the highest safety requirements