Carry-on Baggage

For more information on our carry-on baggage allowance, please visit our Carry-on Baggage page.

Check-in Baggage Policy

Please refer to our Check-in Baggage page for more information on check-in baggage allowance.

Sports Equipment

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Sports equipment is not considered free baggage. You may carry your sports equipment as part of your check-in baggage or excess baggage allowance, subject to its size and weight. If your sports equipment exceeds your baggage allowance, the Airport Excess Baggage Rate will be applied with no other additional charges. Please refer to Special Baggage – Sports Equipment for more details.

Musical Instruments

If you would like to travel with your musical instruments, please refer to our Special Baggage - Musical Instruments page for details.

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You may carry musical instruments as carry-on or check-in baggage, depending on its size and shape. For musical instruments as carry-on baggage, they must be stored in a protective box that can be stowed properly in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front. Please visit our Special Baggage - Musical Instruments page for details.

Missing & Lost Baggage (including Carry-ons)

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Please contact the Baggage Services team near the baggage carousel to file a missing baggage case.

Please refer to Conditions of Carriage (Passenger) for detailed information. We recommend passengers to purchase travel insurance prior to their journeys in case of any unforeseen situations. 

You may contact the airport baggage services team at the airport where you reported your case. Please refer to our Delayed and Damaged Baggage page for details.

If your baggage cannot be located after 14 days, it will be classified as a “Lost” baggage.

You may subsequently submit a baggage claims case, please contact the airport baggage services team for assistance.

You may contact the baggage services team at the airport of arrival for assistance.

Passengers taking connecting flights with another airline will have to collect their baggage upon arrival, go through customs, and check-in for their connecting flight.

The policy on carrying duty-free items onboard is subject to local customs regulations; Liquids, Aerosols, Gels restrictions; and departure and transit regulations laws.

You may carry medication/drugs onboard provided that you have a doctor certificate and your medication is labelled correctly. Please refer to our Medical Assistance page for details.

For unpackaged oils, please refer to our Liquids, Aerosols and Gels & Powders policy.

For hair and styling spray, please refer to our Dangerous Goods policy.

Small electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries such as airwheel, solowheel, hoverboard, and Segway are prohibited to be carried as check-in baggage or carry-on baggage onboard. Please click Here for more details.

Passengers travelling with infants may carry a Child restraint Seat or baby stroller as free check-in baggage for each infant. Please refer to the Travelling with Infants page for details.