Banner- Fuel Surcharges

The fuel surcharge is applicable to Greater Bay Airlines’ tickets for all flights as below:


Point of Origin*

Fuel Surcharge** Amount (Ticket Issuance Date)

(To be equivalent in the local currency of the Point of Sales)

Until 31 Mar 2024 From 1 Apr 2024


JPY 9500

JPY 7500
KRW 33000KRW 33000
PhilippinesPHP 611PHP 611

All Greater Bay Airlines' flight origins except Japan, Korea & Philippines

HKD 265
HKD 265

* First point of departure of the whole journey in a single booking.
** Fuel Surcharge

    a. is applicable to all passengers, except for infants below 2 years old not occupying seat.
    b. is applicable to all fares.
    c. applies on a per sector and per passenger basis.
    d. may be adjusted in accordance with fuel prices.